RAW Classic Rolling Papers are vegan, unbleached plant fibers rolled smoking papers with natural tree sap gumline. These papers are crafted in different sizes and styles to suit the needs of all discerning smokers.

These papers have the ability to give a slow and even burn thanks to the crisscross imprint on each sheet. This also helps prevent runs and maintains the smoothest burn.

Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers

The best rolling papers for weed are made from plant fibres, and the most common ones are hemp, rice, wood pulp, and flax. Each one has its own unique texture and burn.

Hemp is considered the healthiest of all the plant-based papers, and it contains trace amounts of THC. It also produces a high amount of CBD, which can help with inflammation and pain relief.

Using rolling papers that are made from natural plant fibres is the best choice for smokers who are concerned about the environment. They have less of a negative impact on the world when smoked, and they produce fewer chemicals that contaminate the air.

RAW makes all of their classic rolling papers unbleached, which means they don’t contain chlorine bleach and dyes. These chemical compounds are often added to other brands in order to make their products look more “natural.” They may also cause the paper to become porous, which affects the exchange of gases and causes a slow, even burn.

1 1/4 Rolling Papers

RAW Classic 1 1/4 rolling papers are a great choice for smokers who want to enjoy the natural taste of their weed without inhaling harmful chemicals. These papers are crafted from a blend of unbleached hemp fibers and feature a natural gum line, making them a healthy choice for RYO enthusiasts.

They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including single wide, king slim, and ultra thin. They’re perfect for new rollers who want to experience the taste of weed without inhaling any harsh chemicals.

RAW also offers a range of rolling paper packs, including the RAW Artesano pack with Classic papers, tips, and a pop-out spring-loaded rolling tray. These packs make for a convenient way to store all your rolling essentials and make for efficient rolling sessions.

Organic Hemp Rolling Papers

Organic hemp rolling papers are made from unbleached hemp fibers to offer a slow-burning, healthy smoking experience. Hemp is a natural fiber that comes from the cannabis Sativa plant and is a sustainable resource for paper and other products.

Raw Classic makes organic hemp rolling papers in three sizes: 1 1/4, King Size, and Zig Zag King Slim. They are all woven from organic hemp and vegan, with no added chalk or dyes.

RAW King Size papers are a popular choice as they’re a bit thinner than the standard 1 1/4 papers, which make them ideal for sharing amongst your health-conscious smoke circle!

They’re also slightly less wide, which makes them easier to roll than the classic 1 1/4.

They’re all 100% natural and come in a convenient pack of 50 papers per booklet. Order 24 packs of these RAW organic hemp 1 1/4 papers and you’ll receive a free display box for your store!


RAW Classic is one of the most popular pre-rolled joint cones in the market. They are a great choice for beginners and anyone who doesn’t want to spend too much time rolling.

These paper cones are also easy to handle and will save you a lot of time and money. Simply fill them up, twist the top and light it up!

They have a nice translucent look, which allows your customers to see the marijuana inside. They’re also very thin, making them extremely lightweight.

They also have a crisscross watermark that prevents runs and makes for an even burn. Additionally, they’re chlorine free and eco-friendly. This makes them a perfect choice for any cannabis production facility.