Juucy is a popular brand that offers a wide range of premium vaping products. Their disposable vape devices are lightweight and portable and come pre-filled with a variety of flavors.

There are fruity flavors like watermelon lychee and kiwi passionfruit guava, dessert options such as strawberry ice cream, and tobacco vapers can opt for vanilla cream tobacco.

Juucy Model S Disposable Pod Device - 1200 Puffs


Pod systems are usually the first choice for people who are new to vaping. They are very intuitive to use and don’t require any initial setup or maintenance. They can be used until they run out of e-liquid or battery power. They are also portable and can be hidden in your palm for discreet vaping.

Disposable devices have a built-in coil system and an easy draw mechanism that makes them very user-friendly. They also feature a light that blinks when they are out of e-liquid or battery power. This can be a great indicator for when it’s time to replace the cartridge or the battery.

Each Juucy Model S disposable vape has a 650mAh battery and 4ml of e-liquid, which is enough to last for 1200 puffs. It also comes with a variety of flavors that are authentic and delicious. They’re perfect for office goers or frequent travelers who prefer stealth vaping. These pods have a high puff count and are available in different nicotine strengths.


The Juucy Model S disposable vapes feature a 650mAh battery and 4ml of e-liquid. Each device is pre-filled with 5% (50mg) nicotine by volume, and provides up to 1200 puffs of vaping.

The battery used by the Juucy Model S is rechargeable, which makes it a more sustainable option than traditional disposable vapes. A USB-C cable is included with each unit, which makes it easy to recharge the device when it runs out of power.

Juucy’s disposable vape devices are designed with convenience in mind, and they offer a variety of flavors to suit every palate. The company’s selection includes menthol, fruity, and dessert flavors, which are sure to please any vaper. Additionally, the disposable vapes are reasonably priced and offer a respectable amount of nicotine or cannabis-based goods per hit. These features make Juucy disposable vapes a great choice for those who are new to vaping. They are also an excellent alternative to cigarettes for smokers looking to kick the habit.


Juucy disposable vapes come in a wide range of flavors that are sure to please anyone. Their master mixologists use flavor blends from the top juice houses in the industry to create delicious and authentic flavors that are smooth and very juucy. Whether you’re looking for a fruity combination or something more menthol-based, there is a flavor that will fit your taste buds.

These vapes are designed with high-grade 950mAh batteries that provide a satisfying amount of puffs and amazing flavor. Each e-liquid pod is filled with 4ml of Juucy’s delicious flavors, which means you can get about 1600 hits from each device.

These devices also feature draw-activated technology that makes them easy to use. They’re also convenient since they don’t require any maintenance, charging, or refilling. You can just pop one in your pocket or handbag and start vaping immediately.


Juucy disposables, like many other e-cigarette devices, are intended to be used once and then discarded after the battery or e-liquid runs out. This eliminates the need for maintenance or charging. They also typically come pre-filled with e-liquid, which reduces the overall cost.

The Juucy Model S is a draw-activated device with a mesh coil for intense flavor and plenty of vapor clouds. It is available in a variety of fruit, dessert, beverage, and menthol flavors. It is an ideal choice for people transitioning from smoking and who want to try several flavors without making a commitment to a larger device.

The device has a simple design, with gradually tapering sides and contrasting colors and text. It is easy to hold in the palm of your hand and is lightweight. It has a 500 mAh battery, which isn’t the largest out there, but will last for about 5,000 puffs. It has an LED indicator to let you know when the battery is low and needs to be recharged.